In winter

We welcome winter with crackling fires, burning candles, comforting foods, new recipes, throws and hot chocolate.  We reread old classics, watch old classics and listen to golden oldies. Winter is a time for reminiscence, for joy and gratitude and long conversations over simple heartwarming meals.

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xmas10-25-dec-07-7-15-57-pm.jpg xmas5-26-dec-07-12-25-36-pm.jpg

xmas4-26-dec-07-12-20-08-pm.jpg xmas2.jpg

xmas7-24-dec-07-9-19-19-pm.jpg xmas1.jpg cloche-19-dec-07-10-08-09-am.jpg

treestar-03-dec-07-6-52-32-pm.jpg santaball.jpg dscf0029-1.jpg

dscf0026-1.jpg dsc_0186.jpg dsc_0170.jpg

dsc_0141.jpg dsc_0140.jpg dsc_0130.jpg

dsc_0126.jpg dsc_0123.jpg dsc_0107.jpg

dsc_0075.jpg dsc_0098.jpg dsc_0150.jpg

dsc_0165.jpg dsc_0170.jpg dsc_0228.jpg

dsc_0234.jpg dscf0035.jpg dsc_0053.jpg

chrangels.jpg 2004_1117kersboom20004.jpg 2004_1114kersboom0066.jpg

winter20.jpg winter19.jpg winter14.jpg

dscf0012-2.jpg winter15.jpg winter16.jpg

dscf0001-3.jpg dscf0006-2.jpg dscf0013-2.jpg

dsc_0159.jpg dsc_0161.jpg dsc_0166-1.jpg

dsc_0107-1.jpg dsc_0129.jpg dsc_0076.jpg

winter6.jpg winter2.jpgdsc_0009.jpg

winter13.jpg winter8.jpg winter3.jpg

winter7.jpg winter17.jpg winter9.jpg

dsc_0045.jpg dsc_0047.jpg


4 responses

  1. Ronell, I just discovered these beautiful holiday photos of your home and table. It’s so much fun to see how other people decorate for Christmas. Everything looks lovely and very inviting!

    14/12/2007 at 01:08

  2. Looks like you captured it quite nicely!

    16/02/2008 at 09:49


    25/02/2008 at 03:26

  4. Adore the Fiat 500 how much was that do you recall?I was in your neck of the wods in September well Bordeaux that is I too went to a flea market there but didNOT look as good as this one!I will try your salmon dish for Christmas Eve!Thank You!

    20/12/2012 at 03:57

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