Five things

I was asked by Jack from Redacted recipes  and by Equal opportunity kitchen to reveal five things about myself.

Nothing comes close to a good, unflavoured, dark roasted, full bodied coffee. I may only have one or two cups a day, but it must be the best.


The best snack is a simple tomato sandwich; fresh bread, a knob of butter, thick slices of tomato, salt and pepper…and a healthy appetite.


Fresh salt is my weak spot. I have at least 5 different kinds in my pantry, always. A good grey sea salt for pasta, kosher salt for more delicate cooking, fleur de sel for my tomato sandwiches, Maldon saltflakes for fish, some salt crystals for meats and rose coloured Himalayan rocksalt to grind over salads….


I become a vegetarian at least once a year….for almost a week long.


I prefer salty foods to sugary ones. Actually it is the other way round I think. No, I’m sure, salty foods. No..o.. let me just think a bit more…..have to finish my ice cream first, it’s melting….


I now on my turn, ask the following five people to reveal five things about themselves:

Sylvia at Lavidaenbuenosairesyafines

Syrie at allthingsnice

Hilda at Dhangitskitchen

Ahn at Ahnsfoodblog

Happy cook at Mykitchentreasures

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21 responses

  1. this is the most beautiful meme i have ever read..the photos are amazing you are truly an artist ronnell anything you do and touch there’s the magic in it! thanks for tagging me but dont expect my post to be as lovely as this though :-)

    have a nice day, bisou

    04/02/2008 at 16:08

  2. Thanks for participating! Great incorporation of pictures. I was laughing at the last comment.

    04/02/2008 at 16:17

  3. bec

    Yum! everything looks SO good!!

    This is the first I’ve checked out your food blog…… there’s SO much here! I really enjoyed your post about the Coffee Cookies–AND I printed out the receipe–excellent on excellence!

    Are the garden pot shots of plants and topiaries taken in YOUR garden? They’re beautiful.

    04/02/2008 at 17:01

  4. Thankyou for tagging me.
    I have done weird meme. And am on a break for a week.
    After the break i will do it.
    Loved reading yours.
    I only have one kind of salt in my kitchen.
    Hi hi even i can’t guess wht i like salty or sweet food :-)

    04/02/2008 at 20:11

  5. Ann

    I love your posts. :-)

    05/02/2008 at 00:55

  6. That’s why chocolate with salt on it is so ridiculously addictive! Thanks for making me smile. :)

    05/02/2008 at 01:57

  7. Thanks for tagging me Ronnell, your meme was wonderful I enjoy to know about your taste. As soon as possible I ask -

    05/02/2008 at 11:31

  8. Ronnell you are definitely a woman after my own heart. I’m with you on all of that although coffee x far more than two cups a day. Salt, not quite reached your levels of connoisseurship yet but working on it. Tomato sandwiches – sometimes i just slice the tomato, add some basil from my window pot, throw a bit of Maldon salt on it, and a bit over my shoulder, and eat it dripping over the sink whilst I contemplate my beautiful view

    05/02/2008 at 14:44

  9. Hi Ronell, thanks for including me. I will try to post my five things soon. Your photos are gorgeous as usual! I love your collection of salts too. Have a great trip!

    06/02/2008 at 07:09

  10. I hear you … I’m with you on the coffee, tomato sandwich (with fresh basil), veggies and … ice cream! Great post … I enjoy your site!

    07/02/2008 at 02:20

  11. We have just about every point in common!

    09/02/2008 at 20:49

  12. How fun to get more of the background behind the writer! Delicious!

    10/02/2008 at 23:39

  13. Interesting … i neevr knew there are 5 types of salt. The rose Himalayan intrigues me , as its from my country and i’m not even aware of it. Nice to know a little more about you.

    12/02/2008 at 21:05

  14. big kisses from my kitchen and a warmest message of love, happy valentine’s day!!

    14/02/2008 at 13:32

  15. me too salty to sweet, and tomato sandwiches are my all time favorite!! yum!

    15/02/2008 at 14:32

  16. Anh

    Lovely! Thanks for tagging me with such beautiful meme. Now I know a little more about you, too. Gorgeous!

    I have done this meme in the past. Pls gimme some time to dig it out (I need to re-arrange my posts)…

    Thanks again for remembering me!

    16/02/2008 at 23:23

  17. I just love your posts. It is my first trip to “a French kitchen” and will definitely include it in my “travels” on the net.

    18/02/2008 at 06:55

  18. hi ronell how was your weekend?? im just dropping by to tell you i finally posted the meme you tagged me :-) have a nice day!!

    18/02/2008 at 11:20

  19. Hi Ronell – you do everything, including a meme, with such flair! It is always a delight to visit your site.

    21/02/2008 at 07:00

  20. Great pics! I just brought some Fleur de Sel back from Europe, at Ann’s request. And I love tomato sandwiches.

    23/02/2008 at 02:21

  21. Oh that Himalayan rock salt looks so pretty! I too have a weakness for salts and I ‘ll be looking out for this. Thanks for the heads up!

    01/03/2008 at 21:45


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